Dear Mentor:

Will universities in the US recognize my degree?

I am having a doubt regarding admission to USA Universities. After completing my H.S. from West Bengal Higher Secondary Board, I completed Diploma in Electrical Engineering from a Polytechnic College (3 years course-Full Time). Then I completed my A.M.I.E. from Institute of Engineers (India), equivalent to B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering (approved by AICTE in India). After that I have completed my Master of Engg. in Electrical Engg. I am now preparing for GRE. But I am doubtful whether I can get admission in USA Universities. Though I am having 16-yrs full-time student life, but do American Universities recognize AMIE as an equivalent to B.E. and allow them to get admission with valid GRE and TOEFL score? Thanking You.

Round-About, India

Dear Round-About:

Most US universities have a list of colleges and programs for various countries - including India - which they consider as acceptable for admissions. We are highly doubtful that a respectable university in the US would offer you admission, on the basis of your Bachelor's degree equivalency. These universities get a large number of applications from candidates who not only have done well but have also gone through the traditionally acceptable degree programs. Even if they recognize your undergraduate equivalency to a degree, which we doubt, there is no reason for these universities to give you serious consideration. You mentioned that you have had 16 years of schooling. It is not the number of years alone but also the quality of education that concerns the universities.

You have not provided much information on your Master of Engineering degree. We are not sure if it is traditional program from a respectable university in India. If it is, and you do well on the GRE, you have a better chance of getting admitted than on the basis of your undergraduate equivalency. We do not wish to discourage you, but your chances of being admitted to a US university for graduate studies in engineering are rather slim.

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