Dear Mentor:

Which are the best US colleges in engineering and business?

I am presently in second year, doing my graduation in Electronics and Telecomm. Engineering. My result is 1st class until now. And also I am very good in extra curricular activities. After my graduation I am interested in going to the USA for further studies, either for my Master's in the same field or for an MBA. I am looking for the best colleges in these fields. Apart from this my main criteria is to work and earn as soon as possible in USA. I also need complete financial aid for my further studies. Could you please help me in the above matter so that i can take my necessary action for the same? Thanking you.

Early Planner, Pune, India

Dear Early Planner:

We suggest that you visit and research the iMahal Education Section. Almost all the information you are requesting is available for your use. You can easily find the List of Engineering Colleges in the US, as well as the List of Business Colleges in the US. We also carry links to various sites that offer college rankings, so that you can see the ratings of various colleges.

While fiercely competitive, financial assistance for international students is more readily available for engineering than it is for MBA studies. Admission and financial aid are dependent on your performance relative to other prospective students for any particular institution and program. You would have to do extremely well - both in academics and the standardized entrance exam - to be able to get financial aid. For engineering, the typical requirement for the entrance exam is the Graduate Record Exam (GRE); and for MBA, the typical standardized exam is the General Management Aptitude Test (GMAT). Virtually no financial assistance is available to international students for MBA.

While you can see the rankings of various colleges through iMahal website, please keep in mind that while the best colleges have the most funding resources for financial assistance, the competition for the money at the best colleges is very strong. You would have to strike a balance between the quality of institution and your personal performance to maximize your chances of being admitted and offered financial aid.

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