Dear Mentor:

How can I connect with MBAs in the US?

I have a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Bombay, India. I am interested in doing my MBA in US, but I am worried about the financial problems. Can you please send me by sending e-mail addresses of the students who are doing/have done their MBA in US with the help of scholarships and loans? Please help.

Need Emails, Bombay, India

Dear Need Emails:

As a matter of policy, we do not reveal the email addresses of anyone. This is necessary for us to maintain the privacy of all individuals. However, we do offer the Web addresses of Indian Students Associations in the US. Feel free to research their websites and communicate with them directly.

Having said this, we can offer you some relevant information. International students pursuing any type of education in the US are not eligible for loans in the US. One may be able to secure loans from the home country or other sources, but these sources are not in the US. Virtually no financial aid - in the form of scholarships and/or assistantships - is available to international students in MBA programs. In all likely scenarios, international students wishing to pursue the MBA must be able to finance their education and stay in the US through personal means.

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