Dear Mentor:

How should I study information technology?

I am a student of science. I want to do my career in information technology. Sir, I want your guidance for the same. Please send me the detailed information pertaining to the course and scholarships available, etc. to my e-mail ID. If possible, pls send me the prospectus by post.

Info Smart, India

Dear Info Smart:

We are not sure what you are asking, but we will attempt to answer your question as we understand it. To pursue a career in information technology, you can pursue a degree program in either Computer Science or Computer Engineering. These programs exist in most countries. At what level of education are you currently? In which country do you wish to pursue further education? What are your financial constraints? What scholarship information do you want, and for what place? We do not have any idea of your situation. Thus, we can not specifically address your issues.

Having said that, iMahal Education Resources offer general and specialized information on colleges in the US, Canada, UK, and India. This is a good start for you. When you have more specific question(s), please contact us. We would be happy to entertain your questions at that time.

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