Dear Mentor:

Where should I get my MBA in the US?

I am a last year student of business administration in Middle East Technical University (in Turkey). I want to take MBA degree in USA. I can pay tuition fees of 5000- 10000 US$. Would you help me to find an appropriate university in the USA? Thank you very much.

MBA Bound, Turkey

Dear MBA Bound:

The US has several business schools that offer the MBA for tuition that is under $10,000 per year. The MBA is typically a 2-year program. In addition, the cost of living can be fairly expensive. It is more appropriate for you to look at the total annual costs, as opposed to just the cost of tuition. You may wish to consult the iMahal College Finder to identify the MBA schools that best meet your personal needs. For your information, virtually no financial aid is available for international students for MBA programs.

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