Dear Mentor:

Where is an MD degree without campus study?

I am interested in getting MD degree without campus study in your country only by taking examination or qualifying for membership of the institute. In this regard I need your guidance. So that I am sending you details of my educational qualifications and job experience [withheld] in my field. Kindly send me all about of procedures, application forms, your fee and other related information by post on my address at an early date so that I may proceed quickly. Please also send me addresses of related institutes for getting assistance, fellowship and further education and research.

Distance MD, Pakistan

Dear Distance MD:

We are not aware of any university, at least not any with a meaningful reputation, that grants an MD degree without a rigorous program of hands-on training. We are aware of some fly-by-night organizations that offer a piece of paper that says you have a degree, for of course substantial sums of money. This degree is not worth the piece of paper it is written on. We would not encourage such practice and we would not offer names on such money-making machines that dupe people.

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