Dear Mentor:

Where can I study sustainable development?

I am a development practitioner and would like to apply in Sustainable Development degree course in one of the U.S.A universities. Please send me the names of educational institutions that are offer sustainable development courses in U.S.A, especially in New York. Thanks for cooperation.

Friend of Earth, Location Unknown

Dear Friend of Earth:

While you are very specific in your description of your goal, we are unable to identify exactly the type of program to which you are referring. We have seen very few examples of Sustainable Development as a major program of higher studies. Specialized non-mainstream colleges, such as the School for International Training in Vermont might have a relevant program, but this is a relatively new discipline in the educational system of the US.

In case you are referring to the field of Environmental Engineering, we direct you to the List of Engineering Colleges in the US. If you are referring business/commerce education with an environmentally-friendly program focus, please refer to the Business Colleges in the US. You may wish to utilize the iMahal College Finder to identify colleges that best match your personal needs.

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