Dear Mentor:

Can I study in your college?

Many greetings from Czech Republic! I would like to ask you if I could study in your college. I am 18 years old and I have been sporting during my studies. I am the second in spear throwing in my division in Czech Republic. Thanks a lot for every answer.

Aspiring Student, Czech Republic

Dear Aspiring Student:

Greetings from the USA! We are not a university. We at iMahal, offer information and guidance for higher education and careers. Thus, you would have to use iMahal Resources to determine where you can pursue your further studies. While admission to colleges in the US, Canada, and the UK for undergraduate (Bachelor's degree) international students is competitive, the financial aid situation is not particularly attractive. Virtually no financial aid is available to undergraduate international students. So, if you can not finance your own studies and stay, which is extremely expensive, studying in the US, Canada, or UK is likely to be extremely challenging.

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