Dear Mentor:

Where can I pursue post-doctoral studies?

I have received interesting information from Internet about your scholarship programs. Considering my following Resume [withheld], I would like to continue my studies in Post Doctoral Degree in the related field(s). Currently I am studying possibilities received from different Universities, therefore would appreciate if there is any opportunities/facilities (Specially working opportunities and Scholarship) besides my studies in your University. It would be highly appreciated if you can send me more information/positive response on this matter and advise me for the rest of the procedures.

Post Doc, Tehran, Iran

Dear Post Doc:

We are honored, but we wish to point out that we are not a university. We are a portal that is focused on Success and Learning, specializing in Education and Careers. As such, we offer information and guidance on related topics.

Academic studies/research after a doctorate degree is referred to as a post-doctoral fellowship. These are paid employment positions, unlike the traditional educational programs. A post-doctoral fellow is expected to conduct research on a specified topic.

While many of post-doctoral positions are advertised through various professional journals, most are not. Thus it requires you to research and find potential opportunities. Post-doctoral fellowships are typically funded through research grants that professors obtain from various government and private sources. You would have to communicate directly with professors in your field to determine whether they have the interest and funding for your potential fellowship. It is a time-consuming process, so it is better to target well-known academics in your field who are most likely to have the funding and with whom you would like to work.

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