Dear Mentor:

Visting the US, can I study in college?

I am a B.E. Computer Science from BITS Pilani, India, June 1999 graduate, with 1 and 1/2 yrs of IT Experience. I will be leaving for the US in short span on H1B. What kind of Degree or course should I opt. I am interested in M.S. in C.S /Networks? What are the chances of getting in? Can you pls help me? Thanks and regards.

US Bound, India

Dear US Bound:

We are confused about your question. H1B visa is a temporary work visa for the US. So the issue of which educational program your should pursue is confusing. You must understand that the US visa is granted for a specific purpose for your entire stay in the US. You are legally prohibited from undertaking any occupation except for the one specifically stated in your visa.

Insofar as pursuing education with your background and interest, you can opt for Master of Science (MS) in electrical engineering or computer science. Your chances of getting admitted depend on your academic performance and performance of required entrance exams, such as the GRE. All relevant information you need for this purpose is contained in the iMahal Education Section.

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