Dear Mentor:

Where can my son study medicine?

I would highly appreciate if you kindly let me know how my son who completed his 10+2 from well recognized India university can get admission in MBBS and what are the lowest expenses which I can bear easily. He is going to appear in all the tests this year, but to be safe side I need your help in this regard to approach the right Institutions in India and abroad. Thanking you in anticipation and looking forward to your favourable and early response.

Supportive Parent, India

Dear Supportive Parent:

Let us address the issue of getting a medical degree abroad; that is, in the US, UK, and Canada. Typically a Bachelor's degree is required with specific minimum requirements for courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. So your son is likely not eligible for Medical schools in these countries. Moreover, the cost of this education is prohibitively high, with virtually no financial aid available to foreign students.

We do not know the amount of expenses you can bear for your son's education. Some of the best medical schools in India have the lowest educational expenses. The challenge in India is typically that of getting admitted to a respectable Medical School. Since your son is appearing for all the entrance exams, we are not quite sure of your concern. Subsequent to the exams and receiving offers of admission, you can determine the right balance between the quality of school and your ability to finance his education. If you are interested in learning about the top ranking Medical Schools in India, you can obtain this information in the Rankings of Indian Colleges on iMahal.

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