Dear Mentor:

Advise me on getting a PhD in business in the US.

I have done my Masters in International Business Management from AMU, Aligarh (UP) India. I now want to pursue higher studies (preferably doctoral) in the field of International Business. I am presently working as an Assistant Executive to CEO of [name withheld], which is into providing web based solutions. Can you provide me some help as to how I should go for higher studies? Which place is more suitable where I can get the scholarships and part time jobs?

Doc 2B, India

Dear Doc 2B:

It is quite possible for someone in India to pursue a doctorate in Business in the US. Many business schools offer International Business as part of their doctoral programs. Although the process for admission is simple to follow, the requirements vary across colleges. As such, you would have to research the requirements and process for each prospective college yourself. You can find the List of Business Colleges in the US on iMahal. From there, you can reach the websites of prospective colleges to obtain further information. The prospects for your admission depend on your performance.

You have to understand the difference between getting admission and getting financial aid. Getting financial aid is extremely competitive, much more so than getting admission. Although extremely competitive, financial aid is accessible to foreign student for doctoral programs. If you obtain the financial aid, you would have enough financing to sustain yourself. No part-time job on campus, which is what you are allowed to do as a foreign student, is sufficient to sustain you. Without financial aid, education in the US would cost you $15,000-$40,000, depending on the type (public or private), quality, and location of your college.

Most of the information your have requested is available in the iMahal Education Section. Some questions in earlier Dear Mentor: columns are also relevant to your situation. You can find them in the Dear Mentor: Archives.

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