Dear Mentor:

Can I get my MS at iMahal?

I am interested in doing M.S. Is it possible with your university? Pls let me know and pls tell me little more information regarding your university. I had completed my B.Sc. (Electronics) and M.C.A (master of computer Application) from Andhra University. So I would like to do MS from anywhere in the USA or Canada from good and reputed university. Pls give me the feedback on this. Waiting for you reply. Thanking you.

Fan of North America, India

Dear Fan of North America:

We wish to state that iMahal is a portal focused on Success and Learning. In addition to offering information that general-purpose portals do, we specialize in such areas as Education and Careers in the US, UK, India, and Canada. Although we offer information and guidance for higher education, we are not a university.

The iMahal Education Section offers the information you need. We suppose that you wish to earn an MS in Engineering or Computer Science. iMahal contains the List of US Engineering Colleges and the List of Computer Science Colleges. You can find rankings of colleges as well. Similarly, you can find the List of Canadian Engineering Colleges, as well the List of Canadian Computer Science Colleges. The iMahal College Finder can help you locate the colleges you should target, based on your personal needs and performance.

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