Dear Mentor:

What keywords for jobs should I use?

I have spent hours searching for a list of keywords for jobs. Can you help me find a list of actual keywords? All I can find is that they are important, I know that! I want to know WHAT are the keywords and where can I find them for specific jobs? Please hurry.

Keywords Hurry, Location Unknown

Dear Keywords Hurry:

We are not quite sure what you are asking. But let's first consider the possibility that you are referring to the keywords for job search on Jobsites such as those rated in the iMahal Jobsite Ratings or iMahal Jobsite Links. Many of them guide you through a systematic process in which you have to make a selection for various items, such as location, field, level, salary range, etc. This type of search does not require keywords from you, the job-seeker, since they are presented to you in the process. Another choice that these sites may offer the job-seeker is to search by "keywords." These keywords are something of importance to the job-seeker. For example, if one wants to find a marketing position with Cisco, the keywords are simply Marketing and Cisco. If one wants to find a job in Timbaktoo, then Timbaktoo is the keyword. If one wants to find a marketing position with Cisco in Timabaktoo, then Marketing, Cisco, and Timbaktoo are the keywords. And, so on. Just as in the traditional Web Search, you may get some or many irrelevant results, but that is the nature of Search. As you can see, there isn't a set of "standard" keywords; it all depends on your personal situation. Consequently, there is no "list of keyword" available, just as in the case of Web Search.

The other possibility for your question is how to use keywords in your resume to make your job search more effective. The iMahal Careers Section offers Resume Keywords and Hints and a list of Top 300 Verbs. Examples of the use of keywords, hints and verbs are shown in the Examples of Resumes.

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