Dear Mentor:

Tell me about degrees in computer science.

My name is [name withheld]. I am 24 and been connected with computer for two years, now doing OCP [???]. I am interested in higher education in computer, meaning first I wana do diploma in computer science. Plz send me all the information about it at [address withheld].

Into PCs, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Dear Into PCs:

As we have said before in this column, abbreviations vary from place to place and sometimes we are unable to decipher them correctly. Our assumption is that you are currently doing some training in computers.

Our focus for iMahal currently is on education programs leading to degree qualifications. The requirements for a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science include successful completion of high school and taking some entrance exams such as SAT and TOEFL. It appears to us that you would meet the admission requirements upon taking required entrance exams; however, your admission is dependent on your prior performance.

You may wish to research the admissions requirements for various colleges and universities on iMahal. You may also wish to use the iMahal College Finder to determine which colleges you should target, based on your performance and personal needs.

We do not mail information and/or application materials. You would have to either research the websites of prospective colleges or contact prospective colleges directly to obtain all relevant materials.

We wish you success.

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