Dear Mentor:

Which are the best MBA universities?

I am a student of BBA studying in India (Delhi) in Amity Business School. I am in the 2nd year right now and going to start my preparations for GMAT next year. Sir, I want you to tell me which the best universities are for MBA in the world and what Test I have to go through to take admission abroad. Please tell me how can I prepare for these tests. Thanking you in anticipation.

Looking 4 Best MBA, India

Dear Looking 4 Best MBA:

While there are clearly some world-renowned institutions for the MBA - such as Harvard and Stanford in the US - it is difficult to compare institutions across countries. As you search for Business Colleges and Universities on iMahal, we offer rankings of Business Colleges in the USA, the UK, India, and Canada.

Business Colleges in India have their own entrance exams, but Business Colleges in the US, UK, and Canada use the General Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) as the entrance exam. To prepare for the GMAT, you can use books and guides, which are readily available in bookstores in India. In addition, many coaching schools are also available.

To learn more about the GMAT and other requirements for the MBA, and to find an approach to improving your chances for admission, you may wish to read our answers to numerous questions in the Dear Mentor: Archives.

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