Dear Mentor:

What questions does Dear Mentor: answer?

I have noticed that sometimes you answer questions in detail, but other times you suggest that the questioner should do the research himself [herself]. What kinds of questions are you most likely to answer in this Dear Mentor: column? This would help me submit my queries. Thank you.

What's Dear Mentor?, India

Dear What's Dear Mentor?:

In this weekly column, we offer advice and opinions on Education and Career in general, and for Education and Career in the US, Canada, UK and India in particular. The topics are numerous. These include: how to select among various education disciplines, how to do well on entrance exams, what entrance exams are required, how to be a successful entrepreneur, how to write business plans, how to write applications for college/university applications, and so on.

We are happy to address personal situations on which we can comment in a meaningful way. In the process, we hope that our audience at large, well beyond the questioner, can benefit from our answers. Although we make every effort to answer all questions submitted to us, we can not include all replies in the Dear Mentor: column.

Dear Mentor:, and iMahal as a whole, is not a research service for individual needs. That is, we can not conduct research for individuals for specific information, so that they can avoid doing the work that they should be doing themselves. Some examples of such questions, that we have received, include: telephone number of a college, application form, opinion on a particular institution, and so on.

We shall offer our advice and opinions on various situations that may be of interest to a wide audience. We shall not conduct narrow research or look up simple facts relevant only to the individual that submitted the question.

We hope this description helps and that you will feel free to send in your queries.

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