Dear Mentor:

How can I study mass communications in the US?

What options exist in the United States and Canada for post graduate level courses in Mass Communications? I am currently pursuing MA in mass communications from Jamia Univ, Delhi. I would like to apply to colleges in the US that offer specialisation in Television Production, Television journalism and Film Making. Also, what are the available scholarships for a course in Mass Comm in the US? In order to obtain a full scholarship/ assistantship, what is the approximate score I would require in GRE general?

Mass Communicator, India

Dear Mass Communicator:

Just about every option exists in the US for education in Communications, just as they exist in many other countries, including India.

Education in Communications falls under the Humanities discipline in the US. You can conduct your research on various universities and programs though the iMahal section on Education in the US, Humanities Discipline.

Financial aid in the area of Communications is extremely scarce for international students. This is especially true for graduate students in the Humanities, and is independent of your GRE score. For all practical purposes, you should plan to finance your own education.

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