Dear Mentor:

Should I take that course on creative writing?

Can you please guide me about "The Writer's Bureau" based in Manchester, U.K.? They run correspondence courses on creative writing. Is it genuine and worth the money involved? I'm confused, as I can't join a regular journalism or mass communications course 'cuz I'm doing my C.A. as well as C.S. Please guide me.

Learning Writer, India

Dear Learning Writer:

iMahal is a full-feature portal specializing in Education and Career. Our focus for Education is on higher education, leading to degree qualification. This column is an advice column, not a research service for individuals. Commenting on training courses is neither viable nor desirable for us. There are too many organizations, offering too many courses, for us to assess and evaluate individually. Thus, our knowledge of The Writer's Bureau is no more than what is available on their website, which you can visit yourself.

Now, you have asked if the courses they offer are "genuine." We are not sure what you mean by that. We suspect they offer what they say they do. The more relevant question for you is whether this course, whatever it is, would do you some good. Well, that depends on what you want to do with it. You first need to determine what it is that you want to do in your career, and then look for appropriate training that is relevant.

We have a general dislike for correspondence courses that are not offered by "recognized" colleges and universities. This institution is neither a college nor a university.

We encourage everyone to avoid quick-fixes and to put in the effort required for degree programs, rather than taking a training course here or there. Courses like what you have mentioned may be meaningful in the context of your needs at the time. But they merely offer additional training for the need of the time, as opposed to long-term value for a new career. Taking a course that would help you do your job better - for example, learning how to do inventory management - may in fact be extremely valuable, if it were essential to your job. However, taking a course in inventory management and hoping that somehow it would increase your value dramatically is flawed thinking, in our opinion.

We do have at least one suggestion for you on writing. Our website includes a very useful workbook for clear writing. It is called: Write Guru

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