Dear Mentor:

Where should I attend college in Australia?

I am a XIth standard student. I secured 91% marks in my ICSE examination. I want to do my higher education (BE) in Australia. Will you be kind enough to tell me so as to where to apply with a maximum financial aid. I will be highly thankful to you if you help me out.

Oz Bound?, India

Dear Oz Bound?:

As a citizen of India, going to Australia for studies would make you an International or Foreign student in Australia. Virtually no financial aid is available to foreign students, from India or anywhere else, for undergraduate studies (Bachelor's degree) in most countries, including Australia. Should you wish to pursue your undergraduate education in Australia, you must be able to finance it yourself though family finances.

We are curious about your choice of Australia. Why Australia? We have received questions from a variety of people who seem to share the "Anywhere but India" syndrome. We hope you are not among this crowd, because this is not necessarily a good approach. You can get a very good engineering education in India, at a nominal cost. After finishing your undergraduate degree in India, you can consider going abroad for graduate education (Master's or PhD degree). You will then be in a better position to get financial aid.

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