Dear Mentor:

How can I fund my yoga studies in India?

I am trying to find funding to study next year in India. I will not be able to work while I am India studying a Masters in Yoga Science. This is why I am trying to find someone to help me get there. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Yogi in Training, USA

Dear Yogi in Training:

You are facing the same challenge that every international student faces in any country: that is, international students must demonstrate their ability to finance their education and stay in the new country. Few financial aid opportunities are available for international students.

You will not get any financial assistance from any government agency in India. You best bet is to seek financial aid from your prospective school. You may also be able to obtain financial aid for education from your country of residence (we are assuming it is the US). We are not aware of other sources of financial aid for you.

We wish a successful and enlightening experience in India.

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