Dear Mentor:

Help me get a loan for US undergraduate studies!

I am studying in 12 grade Mumbai. I am applying for undergraduate studies in the fall 2001. Could you advise me about getting loan for my studies? I do not have anybody in the USA who is a permanent citizen. Please advise me. Thanking you.

Looking for Bucks, Mumbai, India

Dear Looking for Bucks:

We are assuming that you are looking for financial aid for studies in the US. Having or not having a relative or friend as a permanent US resident or US citizen does not matter when seeking financial aid as a foreign student in the US. Virtually no financial aid is available to foreign students, from India or anywhere else, for undergraduate studies in the US. Should you wish to pursue your undergraduate education in the US, you must be able to finance it yourself through family finances.

We have answered a very similar question on undergraduate studies in the US and financial aid for foreign students. You may wish to visit our earlier Dear Mentor: answer.

Happy schooling!

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