Dear Mentor:

Tell me how to prepare for entrance exams.

You have deciphered the names of various law colleges and their criteria for admission. But, you do not address how to go about preparing for entrance exams.

It Ain't Enough, Location Unknown

Dear It Ain't Enough:

We would like you to visit our section on Entrance Exams for the country of interest; for example, Entrance Exams for the US. You can then visit the Useful Links for Entrance Exams for the country of interest. These links contain guidance on how to apply, how to prepare, and how to succeed in the entrance exams.

Preparing for entrance exams is similar to preparing for any other exam - get the relevant books, get instruction by a teacher (that is, attend coaching classes) if you feel it is necessary, use Internet resources, and work hard to learn all the relevant material. We are not sure where you are and which entrance exam is of interest you. Regardless, books for every entrance exams are available in bookstores and so are the coaching classes, in just about every country. You should research and select what you feel is appropriate.

Good luck!

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