Dear Mentor:

Am I eligible to apply for a foreign university?

I have a problem with my studies. I have done my graduation from Pune and secured 1st class, but I failed in s.y.b. com [second year B.Com.?], and therefore I was required s.y.b. com. I don't know whether am I eligible for applying to foreign universities, and how much demerit is there for such background. I would appreciate it if you can solve my problem.

Challenged Student, Pune, India

Dear Challenged Student:

Congratulations on your graduation.

First of all, we would like to request all those who write to us to not use cryptic language and/or abbreviations. The abbreviations vary from place to place. Even the meaning of simple English words changes from country to country, for different contexts. We would very much like people to send the questions with as much specificity and clarity as possible. We have edited your letter and assigned meaning to the language to the best of our ability. We hope that our actions have maintained the integrity of your question and, thus, our answer would be helpful and relevant to you.

We do not know to which program you wish to apply and in which foreign countries. In both the US and Canada, the universities are interested in your overall performance in academics and on entrance exams. Since you have obtained a college degree, you are eligible to apply for admission. Whether your performance is sufficiently good for a particular university, that is a question answered by the individual university. Also, how they view your failure in the second year of (Bachelor of Commerce or Business degree), is also dependent on the university. Top-tier schools are likely to be more selective, and thus not look too kindly upon your lapse of performance. Average schools are more likely to be indifferent to it.

We wish you success.

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