Dear Mentor:

Where should she study computer science and AITA?

We want to send our daughter to a reliable community college in USA - preferably Houston, Kentucky or others where she has live-in facilities. She has just finished her 'O' levels and wants to do Computer Science with AITA course at the same time. I am interested in colleges in CANADA for the AITA (Ticketing) course as well as USA. Kindly advise which is the best college to send her and the cost and enrollment. So please if you come across both sides colleges for me it will help me make up my mind. Many thanks for your response and I am awaiting to hear from you.

Loving Parent, Tanzania

Dear Loving Parent:

Since your daughter has finished the "O Levels" [Ordinary Levels] already, we are assuming that she is doing her "A Levels" [advanced Levels]. To be eligible for degree colleges and universities in the US requires successful completion of 12 years of school, and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

The term "community college" has a very specific meaning in the US. We discussed community colleges in an earlier Dear Mentor: column (Should my daughter attend a US community college?), which you may wish to visit.

There are two ways for us to interpret your statement about "live-in facilities." One is that the college has places to live on campus, which is the case for almost every college in the US. The other, and the one we presume you mean, is that there are relatives nearby in certain locations such as Houston and Kentucky.

To find colleges for Computer Science in specific states where your daughter would have live-in facilities, such as Houston and Kentucky, we suggest that you use the iMahal College Finder for the US. Using this College Finder, you can specify the cost of education, and the Finder would produce a list of colleges that meet your specific criteria of discipline, location, and cost. Similarly, you can use the iMahal College Finder for Canada.

Since specific entrance requirements and the admissions process vary from college to college, you would want to visit and research the websites of colleges produced by the College Finder.

Generally speaking, iMahal is focused on higher education, leading to degree qualifications. At this stage in the life of iMahal, we do not have competent personnel to handle questions that go outside of the degree education. However, after some research we found the information you are interested in, regarding AITA (International Air Transport Association). You can visit the website to find the AITA authorized training centers in the country of your choice.

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