Dear Mentor:

Which Indian law schools accept French students?

I'm a French law student from Paris and I'm planning to study law in India next year. My university organizes a non-official exchange with a university in Pondichery to learn the "common law system" but I would be very glad to you if you can list some Indian law universities or colleges which accepts French students, especially in Jaipur.

Bonjour-Namaste, Paris, France

Dear Bonjour-Namaste:

Top colleges and universities in India are quite familiar with dealing with International students. Other universities, which do not deal with international students often, can easily accommodate your request as well, since the international student visa process is well-defined by the government. Given that your university in Paris is already familiar with this process, its officials can assist you in this matter. The requirements and the process of obtaining an international student visa for India are available from iMahal as well. As you can see, your prospective university in India will need to provide you with appropriate documentation.

As you may know, Jaipur is in the state of Rajasthan. We offer a list of law colleges and universities in Rajasthan on iMahal. By the way, if have not been to Jaipur, you will find it to be a beautiful city that is rich in history -- a top tourist attraction in India. You can also find the entire list of law schools in India on iMahal. As you can see many Indian colleges and universities do not yet have effective Web presence. You may have to correspond with them via the postal mail.

A respectable magazine, India Today, ranked law schools in India in its June 14, 1999 issue. The top 5 law schools in India are: NLSIU, Bangalore; LAW FACULTY, Delhi; LAW COLLEGE, Mumbai; LAW COLLEGE, Pune; and LAW COLLEGE, BHU. Unfortunately none of these are in Jaipur, or Rajasthan for that matter.

We wish you a very enriching experience in India.

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