Dear Mentor:

How can I stay in the US for more training?

I am currently employed by a US multinational in India. Earlier this year, I was sent to the US for a two-month training program. I am not sure if I want to live in the US, but I would be interested in temporary employment in the US to gain experience in the latest technology and make myself more valuable in India. I would like your advice on how I can do this. By the way, I am a 1997 IIT graduate.

Considering, Chennai, India

Dear Considering:

Your options for employment in the US are rather limited, even when you say that you do not wish to stay here permanently. The flow of workers coming into the US is restricted by the US government, just as the flow of workers into India is restricted by the Indian government. As you know, this is a common practice of national governments around the globe.

Your best bet may be to seek opportunities for temporary employment in the US through your current US-based employer. Your other option is to gain employment in the US while being in India and seeking a temporary work visa, commonly referred to as the H1-B visa. The availability of this visa is scarce and competition is rather stiff. Just to give you an idea, the quota for the H1-B visas for the year 2000 was exhausted in the first quarter of this year. Despite the expected increase in the size of the quota, obtaining the H1-B visa is likely to remain highly competitive.

There is an indirect way for you to get some work experience in the US. The price of it may be too high, if you are interested strictly in temporary employment. You can pursue a Masterís degree in the US, which in itself is very expensive. You can visit the iMahal Education Portal for further information on this subject. You would be an international student, but as a part of the education, the US government will allow you to work in the US for up to 12 months.

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