Dear Mentor:

I have a degree in English. Should I get more education?

I finished my undergrad [Bachelor's] degree in English two years ago. Now I work as an administrative support person, kind of doing anything that needs to get done. Obviously, it is not the most satisfying job. I am an intelligent and motivated individual. I know I will be successful, given the opportunity. Although I have a degree in English, I am open to returning to school for further education in another field so as to create attractive opportunities for my career. I would be interested in your suggestions.

Wondering, Columbus, Ohio

Dear Wondering:

We agree with you that great opportunities are not often just given to you, and that you have to work hard to create opportunities for yourself. Your question is so wide open that we are not sure where to begin. A lot depends on what you are interested in, balancing that with what you can achieve by pursuing your passion. In other words, life is a balance between what you really want versus what you can get. We strongly suggest that you develop a game plan for a path to success-achieve success by design and not by accident. Most likely, the game plan would change as you confront new situations, but at least you would have a good sense of where you are going and how future actions either fit into your plan or how and why they should change your plan.

As we have noted many times throughout iMahal, success has many definitions and destinations, and there are many paths to each destination of success. You can read the iMahal Interviews to see how others have achieved success, according to their definition of success.

Assuming for the purposes of this discussion that your inquiry relates to professional success, such as position/title, money, influence, and power, there are several areas of further education that can help you achieve that. However, the most essential ingredients in all instances would be your determination, motivation, and hard work in the pursuit of success. Remember, success comes to those who dare to achieve it.

With a degree in English, you can pursue a Master's degree in Computer Science, or an MBA or a Law degree, among others. None of these degrees require a particular background other than a successful undergrad degree.

With a grad degree in Computer Science, you would become a software developer, systems analyst, and so on. With an MBA, you will be on a track to become a management executive. And, with a Law degree, well you know what you would be.

It is difficult to answer your question with greater specificity without more details on your interests, desires, and talents. We hope that our response is a helpful start for you. Please feel free to send us more specific questions, to which we can respond more precisely.

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