Dear Mentor:

Does iMahal offer financial support to students?

I am an engineering student, doing my bachelor's [undergraduate] degree. I have somewhat above-average grades. I heard that iMahal offers financial support to students. I could really use some financial help. Would it be possible for you to offer me some financial assistance?

Similar Letters, Chennai, India and Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Dear Similar Letters:

We are not quite sure how and why you got the impression that we offer financial assistance. In general, we are not in business to be a source of financial aid to students. However, your request is timely in that we are designing and will soon announce an iMahal Scholarship Contest. So, stay tuned and visit iMahal again in the near future for details.

The iMahal Scholarship Contest will be an essay-writing contest open to full-time students. Each contestant who submits an essay will also have to submit documentation to prove full-time student status. iMahal is currently finalizing the rules, conditions, and monetary prizes for the contest. Our intention is to reward students -- with high potential to make a difference in their communities -- with valuable scholarship cash prizes.

We will soon announce the details of the iMahal Scholarship Contest. In the meantime, we hope that you will use the unique iMahal services for Success and Learning. We also hope that you will tell your friends and family as well about what iMahal offers to all students and young professionals. Thank you.

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