Dear Mentor:

Give me advice about my resume and about jobsites.

I will be finishing my undergraduate degree in December 2000. I have written a resume. Can I send it to you for your feedback? Also, is it worthwhile for me to go though hundreds of jobsites on the web to look for a good job? I am excited about getting a well-paying job, yet I am a bit overwhelmed and nervous. Please help. Thanks.

Jim, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dear Jim:

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation.

At this stage in the life of iMahal, we do not offer individual reviews of resumes. Feel free to send us your resume, and we might be able to provide you with our feedback, but no promises. However, we do offer a comprehensive resource on Careers, which does include guidance on resume and letter writing, interviews, and job negotiations. We are confident that you will find it helpful.

In terms of job search, use of jobsites on the Web is one of many tools you can utilize. Other approaches include, as they always have, the good old recruitment on campus, your personal network of contacts, and advertisements in newspapers and professional publications.

Use of jobsites on the Web can be effective. We agree with you that there is a jungle of jobsites out there. If you are not careful, you might end up spending too much time going through many jobsites, without commensurate return. We have created the iMahal Jobsite Ratings, as a guide for our users to focus on a handful of jobsites which offer greater value.

Stay tuned, as we add ratings for more jobsites. Good luck in your job search and have a very successful career.

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