Dear Mentor:

Where are the best job-search websites?

I am currently gainfully employed, but I feel like I should take on some demanding and satisfying work. In other words, I am in search of my next ideal job. I have searched the web and found so many sites that it is so confusing. Any suggestions on the best job-search sites? Thanks.

Paul, Urbana, Illinois, USA

Dear Paul:

We can appreciate your comments about the information on the web, or shall we call it clutter. As a matter of iMahal policy, we do not recommend particular sites or business. We do, however, express our opinions, from which our audience can make informed decisions.

As you can see from our Careers section, we have provided a short list, or not so short list, of sites that offer job-search services. So far, we have not provided our views on the quality or relevancy of their services. But we shall. We are in the process of creating iMahal evaluations of several job-search sites on many dimensions, ranging from the quantity of job listings, to geographic focus, to career development help. It is likely to take several weeks before we are able to post our evaluations, so it may or may not be of much help to you this time. We are confident that our evaluations will be of considerable value to our audience at large. Any ideas you have about how to evaluate these sites would be appreciated!

We wish you every success.

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