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David Gimbel David Gimbel is the founder and president of Archaeos, a non-profit organization in New York City dedicated to archaeological research and education. He is co-director with Dr. John Fritz of the Archaeos North Ridge Survey Project at Vijayanagara.

In addition to working on other archaeological projects in the Middle East, in 1999 he co-directed a joint archaeological excavation at Tell Arbid in Syria with the University of Vienna where he has also taught.

He holds an M.A. in Art History and Archaeology from the Institute of Fine Arts (New York University) and has also studied at Harvard and at Columbia University. Currently, he lives in New York and is completing his doctoral dissertation at Oxford University, in England.

Click here for the interview: Learning from the Past

  David Gimbel

David Gimbel

The Interview:

Learning from the Past


Archaeos' mission is to aid and advance archaeological research in the face of the increased destruction of archeological remains throughout the world. Click here to see their website:



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