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It has been thousands of years since the invention of Sanskrit, which means, "symbols well arranged." And as we all know, languages come and go. But the need to talk at a distance has never changed. Instead, it has continually energized our search for technological invention. With the arrival of paper came the pen; with the arrival of video screens came the keyboard. As a result, communication on planet Earth has never been easier. As a matter of fact, now it's free, global, and instantaneous. For our contribution, we at iMahal offer free services including online discussions and email. And if you want to find new people to talk with, we present here our online Penpal Listings for you to browse. Enjoy - and may your new-found friends be both kind and interesting.

Why You Should

  • Meet new people.
  • Express yourself.
  • Learn about the world.
  • Share your experiences.

How It Works

  • Describe yourself.
  • Submit your listing.
  • Browse to find new people.
  • Contact penpals with email.

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