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How do I plan for a BS and a top MBA in the UK?
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I am a student of 12th Standard from Bangalore, India. I want to do my BBM either in India or in the UK. My aim is to do MBA in UK in a best university. Please guide me for what I should be doing to do my BBM or MBA in the UK. Thank you in anticipation.

Planning Ahead, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Dear Planning Ahead:

It is very nice to see a youngster like you planning ahead for your education and career!

We are not quite sure, but we think you mean Bachelor of Business Management when you say BBM. A Bachelor's degree in business is also referred to as the Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom) or Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). For the purposes of our reply, it does not matter much.

Let us start with the end in mind; that is, the MBA from the UK. You may wish to visit the website of London Business School, the best business college in the UK, and its admissions requirements to get an idea of what you must accomplish between now and then. Generally speaking, you must have: an outstanding academic performance in your Bachelor's degree; you must perform superbly on a standardized entrance exam called the GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test); and you must demonstrate extra-ordinary success in progressively challenging assignments in the business environment over a 2-5 year period.

You may wish to note that virtually no financial aid is available to foreign students for the MBA, unless you are truly an exceptional candidate. In other words, you must - as a foreign student - have a lot of money because the total cost of education is approximately US$35,000 (approximately Rs. 17 lakhs) per year, and the program is typically 2 years long.

You simply need to complete your 12th Standard education to apply for the Bachelor's degree in the UK. You are also be required to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) to demonstrate your proficiency in the English language. Doing a Bachelor's degree in the UK - like the Master's degree - is extremely expensive. Virtually no financial aid is available to foreign students. If you can afford it, you can apply for admission, but you must do so immediately. Colleges in the UK recognize that you would not have the final grades until later, but they will consider your application with the stipulation that you would submit final grades when they become available.

If you can afford it - money being no issue - we would encourage you to seriously consider doing the Bachelor's degree from the UK. Otherwise, complete your Bachelor's degree in India from a top-tier college, do superbly well, and work towards fulfilling the admissions requirements for the MBA program in the UK. Whether or not you can afford to go to the UK for the MBA, you should seriously consider the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). IIMs are world-renowned for the quality of their education.

Applying to colleges in the UK is no different from it is in India: identify target colleges, submit an application with necessary supporting documents, and wait for the answer. You can find the List of Business Colleges in the UK in the iMahal Education Channel. Most colleges have websites that offer all the necessary information, including the application forms. You can also find Information on Entrance Exams in the iMahal Education Channel.

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