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Is it easier to get a visa if I score high on the GRE?
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I am a medical graduate, I am preparing o write the USMLE exams.I heard that if a student does hi GRE here and get a good score it will be easier to get a visa.Can a medical graduate appear for GRE?.

USMLE or GRE, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Dear USMLE or GRE:

Anyone can appear for the GRE, a standardized entrance exam. The GRE is conducted by a private organization, which has nothing to do with colleges or universities and their respective admissions process. You pay the fee and follow the procedures, and you can take the GRE. You need not prove your qualifications.

We are bit puzzled by your inquiry and your focus or goal. Is your goal to get a visa to the US or is it to study what you want to study? Just because a visa might be easier - which by the way it is not - does not make it the right course of action for you. We hope that you pause and think about your ambitions and goals carefully, before latching on to the dream of obtaining a US visa as the ultimate goal. The visa must be thought of a means to an end, and not an end unto itself.

The USMLE is required of foreign medical graduates who wish to pursue residency in the US, which ultimately results in a license to practice medicine in the US. For more information on the USMLE, visit:

The GRE is required for graduate (Master's and Doctoral) studies in engineering, computer science, sciences, and humanities. So you need to decide what you wish to do, before you start worrying about the visa.

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements and have necessary documents and financing, obtaining visa if fairly straightforward. And no, it is not easier with the GRE or USMLE. This issue is irrelevant.

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