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How do I contact the medical college in Patiala?
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I am looking for the mailing or email address for the Medical College in Patiala India. Please contact me if you can help.

Patiala Direct, Overland Park, KS USA

Dear Patiala Direct:

Well you are in luck. We happened to have the information. Here is the postal address:

    Government Medical College
    Punjab, India
    telephone: 0175-212018

As you have probably already found out, not many schools in India are "wired." The snail mail will have to do for now. We should warn you that schools in India are not as responsive as the schools in the US. You might require more patience and persistence. Good luck!

As a final note, the Government Medical College is associated with Punjabi University, which does happen to have a website: Punjabi University Patiala.

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