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Can I study business abroad with a Higher Secondary certificate?
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I am currently working as a business development executive, with 5 years of work experience and the basic qualification of Higher Secondary [high school] certificate. I am interested in higher studies abroad. Kindly suggest to me whether to go for an MBA or to continue with a Bachelor's degree program. Also, tell me how a student can show his return intentions are clear.

Skipping Bachelor's Degree, Mumbai, India

Dear Skipping Bachelor's Degree:

Abroad is a big place. You really need to narrow down your geo-political choices if you want to seriously investigate your options.

Entering an MBA program just about anywhere in the world, including India, requires a Bachelor's degree. Even 3-year diplomas, such as those in engineering and hotel management, are not acceptable for an MBA program in India itself, let alone just the Higher Secondary certificate. Your work experience, while valuable, is not a substitute for the formal education. You must first complete a Bachelor's degree. Moreover, since the Bachelor's degree in the US and Canada is a 4-year endeavor, you would require a Master's degree from India - unless your Bachelor's is of 4 year duration such as in Engineering - to pursue an MBA in the US or Canada.

We do not understand what you mean by how a student can demonstrate that his or her "intentions" are clear. For what purpose and to whom? Your intentions are clear to a school (that you wish to study there) when you submit your application. We suspect that you are referring to the immigration authorities for obtaining a student visa, since the student visa stipulates that you must return to your home country upon the completion of your studies. If you intend to return to India, just be honest with them throughout the visa process. If your intentions are different, then it is a wink and a nod game. Immigration authorities know that you really want to settle in the new country, and you know it too. You must maintain, pretending to be honest, that you just want to go for studies. There is no magic formula. We can not train you on how to lie to the immigration officials. If you show any indication, through your documentation or interview(s), that you wish to settle in the new country, you will be dismissed summarily.

By the way, if you are interested, you can find the List of Colleges in the US and the US College Finder in the iMahal Education Channel. The iMahal Education Channel also offers extensive information on education and related topics for the US, UK, and Canada.

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