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Can you contact someone who submitted a prior question?
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I just read one of your responses to a question that is very similar to mine. I would like to be able to contact the person that asked the question, so that we can possibly team up and arrive at a solution together. Is there a way that I can contact them or have them contact me for this tag team effort?

Helping One Another, USA

Dear Helping One Another:

As a matter of policy, we treat the email addresses of the individuals communicating with us at iMahal as being confidential. Thus we can not share someone else's email with you.

As a matter of practice, we have chosen not to become a liaison between individuals. We receive hundreds of emails every week. As you can understand, we can not afford the human resources effort that would be required to fulfill requests like yours. Developing, operating and maintaining iMahal as a free service is already a substantial financial and human resources challenge for us.

To facilitate direct communication among individuals, we offer the iMahal Discussion Forums. We recognize that the iMahal Discussion Forums have not attracted sufficient traffic yet for them to be of a significant value to our audience. It is a chicken and egg problem: If there isn't adequate content for dialog, we can not build the traffic; but if there isn't enough traffic, we can not have adequate content for dialog.

We would encourage you and others in the iMahal audience to visit the iMahal Discussion Forums and build a community for dialog and for helping one another. If you feel that we should start additional discussion forums, just let us know.

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