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With my poor English, should I take TOEFL?
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I am a pakistan english is poor. iam intertersted tofel couress in admission. plese total information send me. Thanks.

TOEFL and Poor English, Pakistan

Dear TOEFL and Poor English:

At first, we thought of editing your letter but we decided against it. This would offer you and our audience at large the context for our comments.

If your letter indicates your current level of competency in English, and we sincerely hope that it does not, you should not worry about TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) at this stage. Taking TOEFL now would not produce results that can be of any use to you. We strongly recommend that you take basic courses to learn English, before you contemplate taking TOEFL.

Having said this, we are not sure what your question is, but we will give it our best guess. TOEFL is typically a requirement for international students for pursuing education in the US and Canada. This is to ensure that the students have an acceptable knowledge of the English language to comprehend classroom instruction. You can visit the iMahal section on Entrance Exams for more information.

In addition to TOEFL, undergraduate (Bachelor's degree) students are typically required to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). For graduate (Master's and PhD) studies, the candidates are required to take discipline-dependent entrance exams.

You can use the iMahal Education to find other relevant information.

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