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Where are distance-learning law courses?
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I want to do course in law. I have done my B.Comm. and MBA from Maharishi university, USA. I want to do distance learning course. Please send me details at [email address withheld].

Distance Law, USA

Dear Distance Law:

iMahal is a full feature portal that specializes in Success and Learning. We offer information on higher education on our website. We expect people to do their own research. We can not offer personalized research services, as much as we would like, to individual iMahal visitors.

In this weekly column, Dear Mentor:, we offer our advice and opinions. This does not obviate the need, for anyone, to conduct personalized research. Neither we nor anyone else would do personal research for you while you await answers. A part of learning and education is also doing personal due diligence and making decisions. Information for research and due diligence is available to you on iMahal, and our advice and opinions for decision making are presented to you weekly via the Dear Mentor: column.

Also, to be honest, we do not understand your question. Please take a little more time to articulate your question when seeking help. The amount of time you have taken to send us the query pales in comparison to the amount of time we are taking to address your request, which would pale in comparison to conducting a personalized research for you.

Does doing a law course mean any course in any area of law? If so, which area? Does doing a law course mean doing a degree program in law? If so, which specialization? Moreover, do you want to do this to further your personal knowledge or to further your career, or both? In any case, how does it fit into your overall gameplan, or does it? Having a goal in mind, before choosing the path, is also a good practice for learning.

Good luck in your research.

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