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Dear Mentor:

Tell me about the Law School of Bombay.
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I would like to know more about the law school of Bombay. I am a last year student of B.COM. in M.S. University. I am especially interested in learning business law. Kindly furnish me the information about it. Yours truly.

Attorney to Be, Maharashtra, India

Dear Attorney to Be:

We have received many emails similar to yours, asking for detailed information about a specific college or university. Please understand that iMahal is not a "broker" for colleges or universities. Also, we do not collect applications from colleges and send them out to our users.

iMahal is a full-feature portal, with a particular emphasis on Education and Careers. In this weekly column, Dear Mentor:, we offer our advice on Education and Careers to our users.

We can, however, offer you the following information:

Law College, Bombay is regarded as one of the top law colleges in India, as given in India Today. For information on Law Colleges in India, please visit the iMahal Education Section on India. Unfortunately, a vast majority of colleges in India do not have websites, so you would most likely have to contact them through the traditional means of postal mail.

We wish you the best.

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