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In which country can I find the best employment?
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I am married and 36, professionally qualified -- AICWA, PGDFM, CAIIB-I -- and working for 10 years with UTI. My present position is in middle-level management. My experience has been in Accounts, Operations, Customer relations, and Internal Audit. My computer skill is adequate. I wish to go abroad. The preferred countries are UAE, Australia and New Zealand. Is my choice of countries OK? How good & quick a chance do I stand of getting a decent employment in the stated countries?

Seeking Success Elsewhere, India

Dear Seeking Success Elsewhere:

[Note: We have a request for all those who write to us. Please avoid using abbreviations without giving the descriptive meaning. Abbreviations differ from place to place, and it may not always be possible for us to decipher them. We would really appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you.]

The employment situation in all countries, including Australia, UAE, New Zealand and India, works in a similar fashion. It is based on the current supply and demand for the talent, barring non-market influences such as bribery, influential contacts, and so on.

Most countries share the same philosophy for the acquisition of foreign talent. The approach works like this: an employment offer can not be made to a foreigner, unless the employer can prove to the respective national government that the local talent is not available. The competition for jobs requiring highly-skills talent is intense - the foreign supply is enormous and the relative national demand is minuscule. When acquiring foreign talent, the employers generally look for super star performers. They can afford to do that because the supply pool of foreign talent is large. They also tend to prefer individuals in their twenties, who are cheaper and more adept at adapting to the new challenges.

We have seen advertisements in the newspapers in India offering gainful employment abroad. A vast majority of them are scams. In most instances, they are fly-by-night joints and simply money-stealing schemes. When these "agencies" do place people abroad, the description of the job is often dramatically different from the actual situation on the ground. More often than not, these jobs are for cheap labor.

You chances of gaining a managerial position in the countries you mentioned are slim to none. Our suggestion would be to become a successful and valued employee in a multinational company in India, and encourage them to send you abroad for more and better opportunities within the company.

We wish you a happy and successful career.

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