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Where should I study agriculture in the US?
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I am a student of agriculture and I intend to further my education in the US. My score in TOEFL is 647. My GRE total is 1870: 720 on quantitative, 520 on verbal, and 630 on analytical. My grade point average was 2.66. Could you suggest to which college I should apply where I can get financial aid? Which field in agriculture is in demand in USA?

Exploring Choices, India

Dear Exploring Choices:

We recommend that you use the iMahal College Finder for the US. Based on your GRE scores and other inputs such as cost and discipline, the iMahal College Finder creates the list of colleges to which you have a chance of getting admitted. The College Finder results should be used as guidance and not guarantee, since the results are based on historic statistical data. Your personal situation may vary considerably.

It would also help to search the Web for links to colleges of agriculture and then look through their websites. One webpage that lists agriculture colleges in the US is Tumpline Stackyard. We are sure you can find other pages of links like this one.

Agriculture is not a very hot area in the US. It does not attract large research funding, from which the financial aid to students is supported. In fact, the agriculture industry makes up less than 2% of the US GDP. Even if financial aid were readily available in this area, which it is not, your academic performance and your performance on GRE are not very promising for you to obtain financial aid. You might get admitted to an agriculture graduate program, but financial aid would be very difficult to obtain. This comment is based on past experiences - it does not mean that you can not get financial aid, but it does mean that getting financial aid for you is not very likely.

We wish you the best of luck.

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