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How do I get an MD in a US university?
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I am veterinary doctor. I completed my D.V.M. (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) in 1991 from Agriculture University campus, Civil Veterinary College of Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. I am interested in the M.D. degree, so that I can practice on the human beings side. In which college in the US can do it? In how many years can I complete this degree? I have heard that in USA, there are some colleges or universities which offer this opportunity to do MD after DVM. Can you guide me? I hope you will response me soon. Thanks in advance.

DVM to MD, Lahore, Pakistan

Dear DVM to MD:

The basic requirements for entering an MD program in the US are: a Bachelor's degree in any discipline with one year of courses in basic sciences such as Chemistry, Physics, and Biology; and the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). By taking the MCAT, you would be eligible for admission. You can find information on iMahal: MCAT. However, getting admitted into the MD program is extremely competitive in the US. Only some of the brightest students are able to get in.

The MD program takes 4 years to complete. However, that is only one part of the path to becoming a licensed physician in the US. Beyond the MD, one is required to complete Residency, which takes 3-4 years, depending on your specialization such as pediatrics, obstetrician/gynecology, etc.

A list of universities that offer the MD degree in the US is available on iMahal: MD Programs. You can apply to any of those, but your acceptance is dependent on your past academic performance and your performance on MCAT.

You are liable to not save much time, if any, because you already have a DMV. Here is the reason why. Years 3 and 4 of the MD program are clinical experience. Since you need this experience, you can not get any relief. Years 1 and 2 of the MD program are classroom instruction. In the first year, one takes such courses as biochemistry, physiology, human anatomy, and so on. In years 2, the courses include microbiology, pathology, and oncology. As you can see, the universities are likely to not offer you much course load relief either.

Should you choose to pursue an MD in the US, plan to pack your bags for 7-8 years. And, by the way, the MD program in the US is extremely expensive and, as an international student, you will not get any financial aid.

We wish you even more success in your future endeavors than the great success you have already achieved.

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