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Irregardless of the dangers, Arjun and Malati sailed out of the Hooghly estuary and headed upriver just before high tide. Arjun was disinterested in doing any more sailing. Malati was nauseous. Hopefully they traveled towards home. Unfortunately, their roomate had done them a diservice by insisting that the tidal surges in the estuary were overated. Near Calcutta a six-foot tidal wave left their boat broken and stranded on the ghats.


- Uninterested versus Disinterested -

Another common error is found in the middle of our opening paragraph:

    Arjun was disinterested in doing any more sailing.

A disinterested person is impartial or unbiased. Such a person may be interested, but brings no preconceived notions or preferences. On the other hand, if we mean to say a person simply has no interest in something, we should use the word uninterested:

    Arjun was uninterested in doing any more sailing.

To help remember the difference between these words, try making up a mnemonic such as:

    Disinterested judges are fair;
      uninterested bailiffs don't care.


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