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Any visitor to the Ganges is likely to see a wide variety of birds. Parakeets flash by. A vulture circles above, patiently waiting for its next meal. The fork-tailed tern screams like a banshee before diving like a bomber to catch its prey. A hoopoe, with its slender, downward-curving bill, putters around looking for grubs. And long-legged storks wade through shallow waters, playing the decision close to the vest right down to the wire before snapping up fish.


- Good Figures of Speech -

Writing that is correct and clear can also be stale. To make our writing fresh, to truly engage the imagination of the reader, we can use figures of speech. One figure of speech is the simile, a comparison made using the word like or as:

    The crest on the head of the hoopoe is like a fan.

- Style: Use good similes. -

Suggestion: Use imaginative figures of speech. The comparison in a well-chosen simile helps the reader visualize or identify with your topic. In our opening paragraph, we find a short sentence that is correct, but not very stimulating:

    Parakeets flash by.

With a simile we can give the reader a more vivid impression:

    Parakeets flash by like green darts.

Note: Try to use only good similes -- those that are brief, fitting, and keenly observant.


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