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- More Examples for which Singular Verbs are Needed -

Certain words commonly use a singular verb:

    Each of the banks offers excellent fishing spots.
    (similarly for the subjects: one, anyone, anybody, everyone, everybody, nobody, someone, somebody, either, neither)

When a compound subject is qualified by each or every, a singular verb is often needed:

    Every Tomas, Ricardo, and Harry is fishing on the delta today.

If the subject is the word none, and means no one or not one, the verb is singular:

    None of us is eager to drink the water.

When a singular subject is connected to other nouns by the phrase as well as, it still takes a singular verb:

    The wrecked boat, as well as piles of driftwood, adds to the levee.
    (similarly for the phrases: with, in addition to, together with, except, no less than)


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