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- Other Examples for which Plural Verbs are Needed -

Always use a plural verb with the pronoun you:

    We heard you were on the delta.

A plural verb should be used when the subject of a relative clause is plural:

    The delta is one of those formations that are created by water and sediment.

The relative pronoun that refers to its plural antecedent formations, so the verb in the relative clause must be plural.

When the subject is none and means more than one thing or person, the verb is plural:

    None are so brave as the coast guard rescuers.

A plural verb is needed when a compound subject is created with the conjunction and:

    Driftwood and silt settle on the banks of the delta.

An exception to this rule occurs when the nouns are so closely related that they compose a single idea, and so take a singular verb:

    Give and take is part of life on the delta.


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