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Useful links on Medical Colleges and Universities in the USA

Advice and Information

  1. AMA: Predictions for Success - Excellent article from the American Medical Association Site. Don't forget to search for other articles on Medical School Admissions.
  2. AMSA Premed - Established by the American Medical Student Association, this group seeks membership and input specifically from pre-med students.
  3. Assoc. of American Med. Colleges (AAMC) - This is a direct link to the AAMC's page on the MCAT. This is an overview of the test with specific advice on test-taking strategies.
  4. American Osteopathic Association - This is a link to the AOA's education page, an overview of schooling requirements.
  5. Brad's PreMed Resource Center - Brad has a comprehensive list of pre-med links, including the homepages of students and others in the know.
  6. Caribbean medical school? - Check Shenkel's page from Ross for great advice and pertinent links.
  7. College and University Education in the United States for Non-U.S. Citizens
  8. Family Medicine - Mark E. Abell's site from is a good resource for family medicine and he's also available to for questions about medical school.
  9. Foreign Medical Schools - From Hanson Nguyen, page on foreign medical school education and a list of links to information on specific programs.
  10. Graduate School Programs Search Page
  11. IMSL - Interactive Med Student Lounge - From Hunter College, this forum is open to any pre-med student who wishes to join.
  12. Interactive Medical Student Lounge - An excellent way to get in touch with experts on Med School admissions. See also their home page.
  13. Kaplan: Medical Page - Good overview, with specific information for prospective med students.
  14. Medical Schools - The Association of American Medical Colleges  (AMCAS) has a complete list of accredited Medical schools in the US and Canada.
  15. Medical Education Page - For pre-med and med students looking for instant feedback on courses and schools.
  16. - "Created by physicians and students for physicians and students," this is an excellent first stop for prospective med students.
  17. Med Way - A super site that focuses on Medical School admission.
  18. Osteopathic Medical Schools - From the AOA. a list and image map of all the Osteopathic programs in the US.
  19. Petersons's Site Map
  20. - This site focues on the pre-med college experience and has excellent advice for soon-to-be med students.
  21. Princeton Review - The Med School page from The Princeton Review .
  22. S2S Med - S2S, meaning "student to student," offers superb interactive resources.
  23. Universities and Colleges Choosing a US College
  24. Universities and Colleges Comparing Canadian and US School Systems
  25. Universities and Colleges The Application Process
  26. Yahoo!/Peterson's College Search

Interviews and Essays

  1. 31 Questions I Wish I Had Asked - A great inside look at the thinking of interviewers from the AAMC.
  2. Interview Advice - Some good tips on interviewing for Med School from the Princeton Review .
  3. Interview Feedback Page - Gauge your interview prospects with those who have already had the experience. You are encouraged by the author to fill out a questionaire first.
  4. "Writing for Medical School Admissions" - From, this is a superb article on how to write personal statements and letters of recommendation.


  1. Kaplan: MCAT - A comprehensive overview of MCAT information and testing advice.
  2. MCAT - Central page from the AAMC. Also check the page on MCAT dates.
  3. MCAT: Explanation - An article explaining the function and the purpose of the MCAT.
  4. Princeton Review : MCAT - A direct link to the Princeton Review's MCAT page. There are a lot of free tips out there so check a similar page and courses offered by Kaplan.


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