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Advice and Information

  1. Law. - Don't miss Paul S. Reed's Law page from
  2. All Across the World - Hieros Gamos claims to post every law school on planet earth.
  3. American Bar Association - The central professional organization for American lawyers, its membership includes over 350,000 attorneys, judges, professors, and other legal workers.
  4. Applicant Support Network - Excellent free advice on the specifics of preparing your application for law school.
  5. College and University Education in the United States for Non-U.S. Citizens
  6. FindLaw: Pre-Law Page - Abundant legal resourses for pre-law students.
  7. Kaplan's Law School Page - General overview of the Law School decision-making process. Mostly obvious advice, but still worth a peek.
  8. Law Schools
  9. - Excellent source for admissions and program information for prospective law school students.
  10. Master of Law - A comprehensive list of programs from
  11. Programs: - A comprehensive list of US and non-US programs with information and a few direct links.
  12. Programs: Peterson's - Peterson's search function will lead you to information on specific Law Schools.
  13. Paralegal Education Resources - The Denver-based Professional Training Programs were established to set the standard for paralegal education and offers nationwide resources and information.
  14. Petersons's Site Map
  15. Taxation (LL.M.) - A comprehensive list of US and non-US programs from
  16. The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) - First point of reference for learning about the LSAT and Law School Admission in general.
  17. US News : Law Page - General advice on the law school decision and program information.
  18. Universities and Colleges Choosing a US College
  19. Universities and Colleges Comparing Canadian and US School Systems
  20. Universities and Colleges The Application Process
  21. Yahoo!/Peterson's College Search


  1. LSAT Homepage - Probably already know this, but and the LSAT for law school. This is a direct link to your tormentor
  2. LSAT Intelligent Solutions - Interesting site, with free and pay as you go advice for taking the LSAT.
  3. LSAT Prep - A page on LSAT preparation from the University of Texas Law School.
  4. LSAT Prep Course - The Brain has a reasonably-priced LSAT prep course downlowd.
  5. Peterson' LSAT - More information on the LSAT. Some testing tips, but also check Kaplan for specific test taking tips and course information.
  6. PowerScore - Offers full-length 64-hour LSAT prep courses and 16-hour weekend seminars in selected cities across the US.
  7. Princeton Review : LSAT - This is a direct link to the Princeton Review's legal page. For more information on the LSAT, go straight to their LSAT page.
  8. Writing for Law School Admissions - From, this source provides general advice for writing essays.


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